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Smarter Longevity provides ratings and performance profiles for vitamins and supplements using observational data from real-world consumer experiences. Because most vitamins and supplements don’t undergo clinical trials. Smarter Longevity can be a proxy for product efficacy, side effects, and other product characteristics.

Data & machine learning are driving new analytics for health & wellness.

We analyze tens of thousands of products and 100 million plus data points using AI to detect signal for how a product is performing. Advanced machine learning filters out fraudulent reviews to deliver accurate and reliable insights about product performance.

Improved recall

Improved immunity

Improved clarity

Improve thyroid

Sleep longer

Better concentration

Fitness improvements

Reducced appetite

Improved eye health

Reduced depression

Improved focus

Improved immune system

Better memory

Improved restfulness

Improved energy

Improved brain function

Reduced weight

Reduced anxiety

Improved alertness

Fall asleep faster

Improved sleep

Improved waking up

Reduced restless sleep

Sleep through the night

Better cognition

caused lethargy

caused lightheadedness

increased dizzy spells

too much B6

Caused stomach bloating

started feeling confused

caused swelling

worsened restless legs

caused bright yellow urine

increased yeast infections

caused ringing in ears

caused a vitamin B12 deficiency

caused chest pain

More arthritis symptoms

chest pressure

increased shaking

increased headaches

caused rash on face

increased sweating

caused anxious feeling

Triggered arthritis flare up

bad dreams

Aggravated arthritis pain

chest tightness

increase involuntary movement

Large and clinically-validated set of performance labels, both positive and negative, are detected and quantified to allow unparalleled insight and transparency into how consumers perceive products.

Building insights from the largest consumer data repositories in the world enables us to understand product performance like never before.

Smarter Longevity analyzes consumer product observations to interpret product performance and consumer experience.


Extensive consumer research

Unlimited by the cost or scale of structured trials. Smarter Longevity data can proxy as large population product trial data.

Detailed product insights

Smarter Longevity processes hundreds of potential product performance outcomes for every product. The broad approach to product investigation identifies product use cases, and consumer observations.

Category: Brain Function

Product Insights

Confirmed purchasers have provided the following insight into the primary benefits they experienced with this product.

Product A


Overall Positive Score


Improved Focus & Alertness


Improved Energy


Improved Sleep


Improved Memory


Improved Physical Recovery


Improved Mood


Improved Pain


Improved Skin


Product Characteristics

Summary of key consumer observations with related citations.

Increased Nausea

I feel better once the initial wave of nausea goes away if I don't take this with food

I wish this product didn't make me vomit, but it is a bad tasting horse pill

I occasionally feel sick to my stomach after taking

Easy to Digest

I can tell a difference with how easy this for my system to digest

Having less problems digesting this as a powder versus some of the other big tablets I've tried

I take this in the morning and never have any problems swallowing or digesting these pills (I do with others)

Bad Taste

The taste is gross, I'd like to use this product but I can't tolerate the intensity of the after-taste

It has a noticeable effect if taken during the day, and also a noticeably bad taste!  I take it anyway, but ick.

I used to love the cherry flavor, but they changed something in the formula and now it tastes disgusting

Increased Fatigue

Makes me groggy most of the time after I take it, so I usually take it before bedtime

I thought I would get more energy, but I'm actually feeling more tired after taking this 1x day for a month.

Is there something similar to this that doesn't cause fatigue?  I feel like I'm losing energy

Performance profiles

See all dimensions of product efficacy observed by consumers.

Consumer observations

See positive effects, negative effects and burden associated with product use.

Key point analysis

Quantitative summary of consumer product commentary complemented with explicit citations to support the key points.

Marketplace and product intelligence.

Smarter Longevity provides comparative product data that improves decision making and results.

Product Comparison

This score indicates the percentage of health observations reporting this result.

Product A


Product B


Product C


Product D


Focus and Alertness










Topline product similarities

Each product on the left is likely to help maintain focus and alertness with a majority of consumers.

Variance and discovery

Find significant differences in secondary and tertiary dimensions of product efficacy across otherwise similar products.

Doctor reviewed. Trusted and safe.

Our doctors review and curate the products our AI analyzes, so only the products from manufacturers that meet our standards for quality and safety are recommended. It’s like having a doctor-scientist at your side as you shop for supplements.