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Join a collective of longevity enthusiasts interested in learning about and sharing insights for increased longevity – anyone is welcome to join.

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Social features make learning about longevity more accessible. Learn from others in the feed, see why they try or use certain products and therapies, and share what you use.

Create chat groups with friends, family members, or fellow community members.


Discover new products, therapies, and people. Diversity of thought makes us all smarter, so we're creating a dedicated space for discovery.

Search for products to trial that match your longevity goals, browse recent research, see which companies are developing new products and therapies soon, and more.

Beta Feedback

As we look to grow Smarter Longevity, we want to provide social community products and services that our customers expect and want from us. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we should offer next.

The following discussion is intended to hear from you what we should consider offering in the future. Please tell us what you wish for, or don’t wish for.

Also, feel free to leave your email (it won’t be made public) if you’d like us to contact you privately about this or anything else related to longevity.

  1. What are your primary longevity goals? Examples include looking younger, optimizing healthspan, living longer.

  2. Does the description above of the longevity community we want to create resonate with you? Did you find everything you were looking for?

  3. Are there any other social community products or services that you think we should offer? Examples include product reviews and discussions with both credentialed and everyday experts around Cognitive Support, Anti-Aging Products, Energy and Vitality, Sleep and Mood, or Reducing Chronic Conditions?

  4. Are there any social community products or services you currently get from another business that you’d prefer us to offer?