About Smarter Longevity

Smarter Longevity was created to help optimize healthy aging by increasing the value and performance we achieve from taking vitamins and supplements.

The truth is most vitamins and supplements don’t undergo clinical trials. Smarter Longevity developed this service that can measure real-world product benefits, side effects and other product characteristics.

We hope you will use this site to help inform your decisions. We welcome you to this community where we will keep consumers up to date on new insights from our data.

Meet the Team

Andy Mikulak
CEO & Founder

Andy Mikulak

Consumer health technology nerd and veteran of multiple startups and successful exits including RealAge and the first online personalized nutritional supplement company.
Chief Product Officer & Founder

Chuck Mitchell

Product and operating executive with experience leading media publishing, active lifestyle and healthcare platforms helping consumers find evidence-based solutions for behavioral health and chronic disease.


Andrew NG 

General Partner at AI Fund and CEO of Landing AI. Former Chief Scientist at Baidu and the founding lead of Google Brain. Co-founder of Coursera, and founder of deeplearning.ai. Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s Computer Science Department.

CArlos alzate

Carlos led a research group at IBM Research which produced Project Debater, an AI system designed to debate live with expert human debaters. He completed postdoctoral research in unsupervised and semi-supervised machine learning in Belgium, and is the Senior AI Advisor and GM with the AI Fund.  


bill scuba

Data scientist with experience in natural language processing, environmental science, and artificial intelligence techniques at a range of institutions including the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, the University of Utah Department of Bioinformatics, the United States Department of Defense, and BAE Systems.

nicolas kaenzig

A skilled machine learning engineer and data scientist, Nicolas brings years of experience working with startups to research and develop ML tech and evaluate what is possible.  He holds a master’s degree in information technology and electrical engineering and bachelor’s degree in the same, both from ETH Zurich.


ryan mcnally

Licensed naturopathic doctor and physician assistant in the state of California, core faculty member at Bastyr University California, and a Faculty Supervisor at Bastyr University Clinic.

Meet our Investors


AI Fund is a venture capital firm that strives to move humanity forward by accelerating the adoption of AI.

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Andrew Ng, AI Fund is backed with $176 million in capital by some of the leading VC firms and investors, including NEA, Sequoia, and Greylock.